Livesexjam exclusive membership for cam models, escorts, massages, call girls and their admirers featuring the following and more:

# 1. Free web space
Each member is provided free web space to publish content.

# 2. Free web address
Each member gets a unique web address that becomes the identity of that individual or adult business. The members can then use their web address or url to promote themselves or their business.

# 3. Build Profile
Members are provided web space to build their profiles. The profiles serve a dual purpose: one, they allow friends or contacts to identify members from their profiles; and two, the data entered by our members is used to connect with other members who have a similar interest.

# 4. Upload content
We allow our members to upload direct messages, photographs, audio and video files free of cost after registration. All posts are arranged in descending order with the last post coming first. Further, all content is published in real time, and becomes visible instantly. And best of all you can upload images and video instantly via webcam.

# 5. Build conversations
Content posted by members can be browsed and commented upon by all members who form part of the community. Content can also be tagged from third party sites on subjects that interest the group.

# 6. Webcam & Video Chat client
We have webcam chat where members who can chat with each other live and in real time and create their own chat room. What a better way to connect right!

# 7. E-mail
Members can send e-mails to each other. We also send e-mail alerts whenever a member is tagged in a third party post. This enables members to learn when a fellow member has connected to them.

# 8. Create Pages
Members are allowed to create pages, forum topics and groups where they can post articles or photographs related to a theme of their choice. The pages can also be used to promote businesses.

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#10. Promote Your Cam, Escort, Massage or Call Girl Business

#11. Best of all Hookup!

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